Geovibes – How much noise is around you right now?

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How much noise is around you right now?

With Geovibes you can tell others about incredibly loud and wonderfully quiet places.

It’s quite easy! - Just choose what kind of location you’re currently at and share your perception of the noise you’re experiencing. Your Geovibe is done!

The Geovibes map will give you a quick overview of where you'll find a quiet spot to relax and where you might be disturbed by some noise.
For more detailed information about a Geovibe, select it on the map. Have a look at its review and a photo of the Geovibe’s vicinity or listen to an audio sample that was recorded at its location.

And what if everything is completely different in your opinion? The noisy construction site is gone? The formerly quiet park suddenly became a loud event site? Report it on Geovibes and share the changes with us!

With the first version of the Geovibes App we present a new way of noise cartography. Our desire is to assist you in sensing the noise in your environment.

Help us developing the Geovibes noise map, which really shows where there is something to hear...