SpeedyCash Checkout Calculator

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Pocket Cash Register, Quick Shopping Assistant & Grocery Receipt Checker

Have you ever wondered if you got enough change in your pocket before you queued at the checkout?
Did you ever have the feeling that your bill was too high and you had actually payed too much?

With SpeedyCash you may have your very own cash register on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.

You can quickly enter all the prices when putting the items into your shopping cart. SpeedyCash also allows you to log quantities and discounts for every article while always displaying the item details and grand total in real time.

Use SpeedyCash to take full control over your shopping expenses!
  • Every digit of the item's price has its own set of number keys - no entering of leading zeros or commas required!
  • Press the keys multiple times to sum up their values (or to quickly correct fields with single digits).
  • SpeedyCash will automatically set up the default currency according to your device's regional settings.
  • You can also select any other currency you want from the settings menu. Great when traveling!
  • Change the price range according to your shop's price category and the buying power of the selected currency.