The Beauty of CreativityBeautiful design lies in both appearance and function


What's the use of technology?

“In all of its forms, we believe that creativity has always been humanity's greatest super power. And when it combines with technology great things come to life. Incredible things come to life. And that's why we feel deeply that you, as developers, are amazingly creative. Like a paintbrush to an artist, chords to a composer, words to an author, code is an even more advanced creative tool. Because it can really do and create so much.

As developers, you're developing on the canvas of the entire world causing great new groundbreaking apps and ideas to take shape.”

– John Geleynse, WWDC 2018

How to benefit from usability and design?

“You know, the world around us is stunningly beautiful, and as humans, we're attracted to beautiful things, and to incredible designs. We're drawn to these things, and we respond to them deeply. And at Apple, we believe that beautiful design is both appearance and function, and something that works well with each component deeply considered, and each aspect carefully crafted – that that can be profoundly beautiful. And so, simply judging something by how it looks isn't enough.

It's how it works. It has to work as beautifully as it looks, and great design reflects the broader definition of beauty. And it runs deeper than the interface. It's coherent, and it's cohesive.

And it helps us to engage with each other in new, and innovative, and life-enhancing ways, and like compelling beauty, great design draws us in.”

– John Geleynse, WWDC 2019


Where lies the significance of innovation?

“And innovation really is that spark of brilliance, that uniqueness, the clever implementation of something that you wouldn't have expected in the first place, but then when you see it, you're blown away by it.

And there's just so many ways to talk about innovation, but really it comes down to the implementation of something that is just so fresh and so compelling and done in a unique way.”

– John Geleynse, WWDC 2014

It's the unconventional thinking, the creativity, ...... and the new ideas that lead to breakthroughs and innovative solutions.